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Black Bag is a private emergency medical consultancy that provides individuals and families with immediate care guidance, regardless of their location in the world.


Dr. Christopher Sidford, MD:

Before our clients board the plane, we research where they are going, so in case of a heart attack, broken bone, food-borne-illness, or mysterious insect bite, we know the most reliable medical facilities nearby and the experts to treat them,” says Sidford. “If they need to be evacuated, we oversee every step until they are in the hands of the best doctor available.


Dune Thorne, Brown Advisory, Boston:

I have had several occasions to call on Dr. Chris Sidford and his team over the past five years. From simple medical questions involving our clients to complicated and critical medical conditions, Black Bag’s response has been amazing and so helpful.


Brian Hughes, ORPHANetwork:

We cannot wait to go back to Nicaragua with the ORPHANetwork, and we know that Emergency Black Bag, Dr. Chris Sidford and his team will give us the peace of mind we need to focus on the families and children we will serve

Hong Kong

B.H., Investment Advisor, Hong Kong:

The situation was dire: a colleague’s friend had contracted a rare and extremely serious illness while traveling in Asia. Within 24 hours, Dr. Sidford had mobilized both a jet and a team with the medical, legal, and diplomatic capabilities of extracting this patient from his local hospital. Doing so required coordinating efforts across four countries and 12 time zones

South Africa

Harry Leibowitz, Ph.D., Co-founder, World of Children, Laguna Hills, CA:

I have known Dr. Sidford and worked closely with him for several years now and have been singularly impressed, not just by his professionalism, but by his incredible level of integrity and caring


John Wood, Co-founder, Room to Read, San Francisco:

When I’m on the other side of the world, no matter what the medical emergency, it is crucial to know that a highly qualified doctor is available to me every minute of the journey. I am so grateful to Dr. Sidford for his expertise and support that bought me back to good health and allowed me to continue on my journey of educating kids to read in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Hong Kong

With long waits at emergency rooms, and shrinking access to overworked physicians, Black Bag bridges the care gap by providing immediate medical intelligence for clients who desire more physician access, travel the globe, or own multiple properties. From the jungles of Colombia to the shores of Hong Kong, and points in between, we provide 24/7 telephone access to an experienced, board-certified Emergency Medical Physician in the event you face a medical emergency far from home or in your hometown.


Barry Glassman is the founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services®, LLC. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Money, Business Week, Smart Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, National Review, The International Herald Tribune, and USA Today. He has also appeared on several national television programs to include Wall Street Week, World News Tonight, CNBC and Bloomberg News.


Highly regarded by peers and clients alike, Dr. Chris Sidford is a board-certified physician in Emergency Medicine with more than thirty years’ hospital and private medicine experience. His practice has cared for clients in over 150 countries and locations to date, ranging from the mountains of Patagonia to ships in the Labrador Sea.


Dr. Elaine M. Rancatore is a residency-trained, board-certified emergency medicine physician. In practice for over 16 years, Dr. Rancatore served as both the Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine and the Co-Director of the Stroke Center at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. She currently serves as a flight physician for National Air Ambulance, providing medical transport for patients from Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Irene Tien MD, FACEP completed her medical school training at Albany Medical Center in 1996, where she was one of a class of 20 students participating in a 6-year accelerated combined BS-MD program with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She completed her residency in emergency medicine at the University of Connecticut, where she served as chief resident. Dr. Tien completed an additional three years of fellowship training in pediatric emergency medicine at Boston Medical Center.


Individual | Knowledgeable | Dependable

When you hire Black Bag, you are hiring Dr. Chris Sidford as your private, board-certified Emergency Medical Physician. Dr. Sidford and his handpicked team are available by telephone 24/7 in the event you, your children, or your parents face a medical emergency.

As your physician, Dr. Sidford has in-depth personal knowledge of your medical history, and relationships with your primary physicians and specialists, to ensure you receive the best care and advice concerning treatment options, hospitalization, and evacuation.

With six-hour wait times at local emergency rooms, and an impersonal rotation of inexperienced or tired doctors, accurate and timely medical advice is a precious commodity. Shrinking access to family physicians and specialists compound this information void, leaving many patients with unanswered questions concerning their treatments.

While we can’t be in the emergency room with you, Black Bag clients enjoy a private, individualized, and dedicated one-on-one telephone relationship with Dr. Sidford, so every question is answered, and every treatment option is fully explained.

Emergency Medical Physician-Directed Care

Black Bag offers physician-directed care and advice concerning emergency treatment options, hospitalization, and evacuation. Consults are provided by Dr. Chris Sidford and his hand-picked team of experienced, board-certified emergency medical doctors who have a comprehensive understanding of your health history.

Black Bag quickly assesses the illness severity of our clients, evaluates the local facility’s capabilities and physicians, and determines whether evacuation is necessary. If so, we immediately arrange the medical and logistical requirements for a safe evacuation.

Emergency Care on All 7 Continents

Black Bag ensures its clients are equipped with destination medical information and guidelines, including how to reach English-speaking international specialty hospitals where available. Locations and access information for the regional trauma, stroke, and heart centers are equally important. We research what medical information you need to know before you leave your home or business.

Navigating the health care system is difficult, at best. Black Bag helps clients interpret vexing medical information and treatment options. Together, we identify the second opinion or top experts that our clients require. Determining your specific needs, and getting them met, will help avoid evaluation and treatment delays.

Family members and house staff are usually the first to recognize illnesses and injuries in the home. Their education and training can mean the difference between life and death during a medical emergency. Black Bag conducts CPR training, automatic defibrillator use, and basic first aid instruction for our clients, their families, and staff. Our training not only provides a transfer of medical information and skills, but also develops a cohesive response to home emergencies. This approach includes continuous access to a Black Bag emergency medical physician throughout your emergency.

Black Bag clients carry individualized medical kits specific to their medical needs and travel habits. The kit contains simple over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription medications for common travel illnesses and infections. Where local medical care is inadequate, or simply unavailable, physician-directed use of your Black Bag kit can salvage your trip, and possibly avoid a more acute medical emergency. We also provide expanded medical kits for remote homes accessible only by plane or boat.

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